【Overnight at Robot Hotel】Shiragawa-go & Takayama & Kanazawa

2-Day Bus Tour with English Speaking Staff

Designated departure dates between April 6th and June 29th

Meitetsu Bus Center 4F Meeting at 8:50 / Return at around 19:20






29,800~36,800JPYtax incl.

[Twin Room]  ¥29,800 / tax incl.

[Single Room]  ¥36,800 / tax incl.

Tour Fee / per person (aged 6 and older)

Child (aged 2-5): 21,000yen/ person


●●●If the required minimum number of passengers is not met,  the tour will be cancelled and you will be informed a week before the departure date via e-mail you had entered.●●●


Tour Itinerary

[ DAY 1 ] 8:50
Meeting at Meitetsu Bus Center 4F, Nagoya Station
Break (Rest Area)
Free Time in Takayama (Approx. 110 min.)
You will enjoy the antique streets and culture. Since Takayama is also known as a town of delicious local cuisines, you will also be delighted at eating out and shopping for souvenirs.
*Lunch is not included. Please enjoy eating out while strolling in the old town of Takayama.
Free Time in World Heritage Shirakawa-go (Approx. 100 min.)
The village of Shirakawa-go was registered as an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1995 for being “a remarkable example of the view or accumulations of a certain form of buildings and architectural techniques that illustrate the certain period of time, which is highly important in the history of human being. “
The center of the Gassho-zukuri communities is in the slightly northern side of the central area: Ogimachi District. You will learn the wisdom of traditional ways of living together with nature at the interactive facilities or historical museums of the local traditional cultures.
Stay at Henn na Hotel Korinbo(*All rooms are western style. )
"Henn na Hotel "meas "a strange hotel" in japanese.
At the front desk, robotic dinosaur staffs are waiting for your coming.
The hotel located in the center of the most famous spots in Kanazawa, within walking distance of Kenrokuen.
During cherry blossom season, you can also enjoy cherry blossom illumination at Kenrokuen or Kanazawa Castle Park at night!
<Good location!>
5 mins on foot to Oyama Shrine
10 mins on foot to Kanazawa Castle Park
12 mins on foot to Kenrokuen 
(※Admission fee is not included in this tour.)

*Dinner is not included. Please enjoy eating out at your own expense.
*You cannot request any types of rooms such as smoking/non-smoking rooms.
[ DAY 2 ]
Buffet-style Breakfast at Henn na Hotel Korinbo
Enjoy strolling around the hotel before check-out time (By 11:00 AM)
5 mins on foot to Oyama Shrine
7 mins on foot to Nagamachi samurai residence
9 mins on foot to the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
10 mins on foot to Kanazawa Castle Park
12 mins on foot to Kenrokuen
※Admission fee is not included in this tour.
Free time at Omicho-ichiba Market(Approx. 120 min./Lunch: out of pocket expenses)
You can enjoy fish market and have lunch at the market.
You will have approximately 2 hours to explore the local fish market!
*Some of the shops at Omicho-ichiba Market may be closed depending on the day of the week.

"Photo credit : Kanazawa City"
Free time in Higashi Chaya and Kazuemachi Chaya District(Approx. 120 min.)
"Photo credit : Kanazawa City"
Chaya District, which represents Kanazawa culture, is the best place to take Japanese style photos.
There are also famous Japanese restaurants, trendy cafes and a shops selling traditional crafts.
Break (2 Rest Areas)
Back to Nagoya Sta. Meitetsu Bus Center 4F
Travel Tips
After you come back, please enjoy the gourmet cuisines and shopping in Nagoya.
Please enjoy the specialties of Nagoya (such as Taiwan Ramen, Miso-Katsu, Tebasaki, etc.)


Name of chartered bus company Meitetsu Kanko Bus
Place of departure Meitetsu Bus Center 4F, Nagoya Station
Tour guide Japanese-speaking tour guide
Hotel Henn na Hotel Korinbo (Japan Robot Hotel)
Meal Day 1【Breakfast: X・Lunch: X・Dinner: X】
Day 2【Breakfast: ○・Lunch: X・Dinner: X】
The tour fee includes Meal( x1), Accommodation fee
Payment methods A credit card is required at time of booking.
Tour Duration 2 days.
Minimum number of participants required for departure 25 person.
*If the required minimum number of passengers is not met, the tour could be cancelled. In this case, we will inform you at least a week before the departure date via e-mail you entered.
Planning and Execution of Tour MEITETSU KANKO BUS
member of the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA)
Licensed Travel Agent under the Japan Tourism Agency, License No. 1857
2-3-5 Nishihioki, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, JAPAN 454-0004

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Need to Know

1. Please be advised that this tour is designed for Japanese citizens and basically conducted by a Japanese tour guide in Japanese. For foreign visitors, English or Chinese tourist information handout will be provided.
2. The customers cannot request any specific seat, and generally the foreign visitors will be seated at the back of the bus for convenience. A group with more than 10 people may be asked to be assigned to the seats at the back. Additionally, if the customers apply with an odd number of people, they may be asked to be seated next to the other guest.
3. Depending on the weather conditions, the tour may be cancelled. In this case, we will inform you about it by email and on Facebook by a day before your tour date.
4. The tour itinerary may need to be adjusted and the returning time may be delayed due to traffic or weather conditions.
5. Refunds will not be given for any itinerary changes, such as shortening the duration or leaving the tour group for personal reasons.
6. No alternative menu is available on the lunch menu for any grounds such as allergy for a specific food, religious or vegetarian reasons.
7. A credit card is required at time of booking.