The guests will be protected by various and latest safety devices

Meitetsu Kanko Bus thoroughly work on the safety management everyday in order to make the passengers feel safe aboard our buses.

We strive to make progress in the safety of the transportation by sincerely engaging in each duty and improving every issue in order to secure the "safety," which is the major obligation for anyone who is in charge of transportation business.

■ Collision Mitigating Brake System

The system detects and analyzes the situation in front of the vehicle by extremely high frequency radar and draws attention by alarm.
In addition, in a case of an imminent collision, automatic brake system will be operated.

●Sample image

⟨ The vehicle at the end of congestion is running ⟩

Detect a distance between a bus and a vehicle ahead of it by radar

⟨ The vehicle at the end of congestion is stopping ⟩

Even after a collision, the brake will continue to be operated in
order to contribute to mitigate the damage.

■ Driver Monitoring System

The system monitors driver's face orientation and state of the eyes by camera at all times.
If the system detects that a driver is not paying attention to the road ahead, it will warn the driver by alarm to reduce the risk of collision.

●Sample image

  • Sample image
  • Sample image

The camera monitors the driver's attentiveness

■ Lane Departure Warning Device

A system that an image sensor captures the deviation of vehicle from a traffic lane.
If it captures the increase in the unsteadiness of handling, it gives alarming sound to warn the driver.

  • Sample image
  • Sample image

■ Lane Stability Control System

A system that prevents vehicles from departure from lane and rolling sideways when cornering.
It supports driver's risk avoidance by warning sounds, output control of engines, and electronic braking.

●Comparison of vehicles with and without the system / sample image

Sample image

■ Safety Video

For your safety and comfort, guidance video will be shown.
All of 180 buses are equipped with the automatic audio guidance device to urge the passengers to fasten seatbelts.

Sample image