Takayama, Gifu Prefecture

A city that has become the largest city in Japan since 2005, Takayama, and its area is equivalent to entire Tokyo metropolis. Since Tayakama used to be a capital of Hida-no-kuni province, it is often called a small Kyoto of Hida Region.
The city of which the traditional merchants’ culture is still alive even today has various tourist attractions.

Shirakawa-go, Gifu Prefecture

The village of Shirakawa-go was registered as an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1995 for being “a remarkable example of the view or accumulations of a certain form of buildings and architectural techniques that illustrate the certain period of time, which is highly important in the history of human being. “
The center of the Gassho-zukuri communities is in the slightly northern side of the central area: Ogimachi District. You will learn the wisdom of traditional ways of living together with nature at the interactive facilities or historical museums of the local traditional cultures.

Need to Know

1.Please be advised that this tour is designed for Japanese citizens and dasically operated by a Japanese tour guide in Japanese.
For foreign visitors,English and Chinese tourist information handout will be provided.
and English-speaking staff will also accompany to give you the basic information such as meeting place and time, but not detailed sightseeing information.
2.The customers cannot request any specific seat, and generally the foreign visitors will be seated at the back of the bus for convenience. Additionally,
if the customers apply with an odd numder of people, they may be asked to be seated next to someone who they do not know.
3.In the case of heavy snow,or other dangerous weather conditions, the tour may be cancelled.
In this case, we will inform the participants about the cancellation by email and on Facebook and Twitter by a day before or in the early morning of your tour date.
4.The tour itinerary may need to be adjusted due to traffic or weather conditions.
5.The returning time may be delayed due to traffic congestion.
6.Refunds will not be given to any of the changes, shortening of the time or omitting of the tour itinerary due to aforementioned reasons.
7.The amount of snowfall may differ depends on the weather.
8.Bringing thick winter clothes and wearing winter boots are strongly recommended.
9.This tour is NOT deigned for watching the Light-Up event in Shirakawa-go.
10.Some of the shops in Shirakawa-go are closed during winter. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
11.No alternative menu is available on the lunch menu for any grounds such as allergy for a specific food. religious or vegetarian reasons.


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    One Day Bus Tour with English Speaking Staff Departing from Nagoya.
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